Friday, April 29, 2016

Getting started with the Delphix python module

Delphix Express is no longer offered, but these examples will work with your Delphix installation

Allo everyone. By popular demand, I going to start a short series on using the Delphix python module, "delphixpy". If you have been following my work any time over the last two years and have downloaded the Landshark environment along with Delphix Express, then you have been a benefactor of delphixpy.

In short, delphixpy is a way to call the Delphix API from within python so that you can leverage all that object oriented goodness that python provides. This also allows you to treat json as dictionaries and many other powerful things of python. I have posted three common examples for DevOps, CI/CD, and Enterprise Automation shops and did try to meticulously comment them. I have recorded an intro video where I walk you through getting your Landshark environment setup to run the scripts and run the examples against a Landshark environment so that you can easily follow along where ever you are.

There will be much more information to come very soon, we are just getting started!

You can get my examples from GitHub here
You can post questions, etc on the Delphix Community Site here
Landshark and Delphix Express download and setup instructions here

Summary of preparation commands:
  1. ssh into the Landshark LinuxTarget as the delphix user.
  2. assume root: su -
  3. yum install git -y
  4. pip install virtualenv
  5. exit root (you should now be the delphix user again)
  6. git clone
  7. virtualenv --system-site-packages ~/landshark
  8. source ~/landshark/bin/activate
  9. pip install --upgrade -r ~/delphixpy-examples/requirements.txt