Thursday, June 16, 2016

More Fun with Delphix, delphixpy part 3: Snapshots and Async

Delphix Express is no longer offered, but these examples will work with your Delphix installation

Alright. Third part in the series. I pick right up from the last blog, so if you are just joining in the fun, I suggest you go back and read/watch the first two parts (links below).
Part 1
Part 2

Also, as I add to the series, I am adding the example scripts to the delphixpy-examples repo. So, if you originally cloned the repo in part one, be sure to update it with the latest version.

In this blog we cover the following:

  1. Working with Groups
  2. Obtaining a specific database
  3. Understanding required vs. optional parameters in the API documentation
  4. Performing a Snapshot/Sync on a Database
  5. Performing a Snapshot/Sync on a group
  6. Performing Asynchronous jobs in Delphix
Before you watch the video below, I want to hear from you! Reach me on Twitter @CloudSurgeon with your delphixpy projects. Some you have done so already. I love it! Keep them coming.

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